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Monday, 12 September 2011

Twiblings are growing and into the 2nd trimester.

Well we have made it into our second trimester and by all accounts our Twiblings (twin/siblings) are growing big and strong.  We finally started letting our friends know on Friday and they have all been so excited and full of support for us.  Some of girlfriends keep laughing when they think I will be looking after 2 babies next year, hmmm.  The amount of people who have said "you dont know what you're in for" has been a little concerning but I figure we will worry about that when we need to!!

The scans are wonderful and they are now on our fridge where we get to see them all the time.  It feels a bit more real now we have told most people and I will have to start planning and organising in the next couple of months. It's a strange feeling that I can be at work busy with work things and then the Twiblings will pop into my head and I think "oh wow we are having babies".  I get a funny nervous/excited  feeling in my stomach each time :)  A bit thank you to our wonderful surrogates Mrs S and Mrs N.  We are very glad to report that Mrs S is feeling much better after struggeling with some very bad morning sickness.

I have been reading lots of blogs and find that we are all at different stages of our journey.  It is amazing to read of all the couples picking up their new babies and of people who are now self cycling or choosing an egg donor.  Best of luck to Lucylu for this October, I so hope this will be your time!! Wishing the best too for Bernadett & Duane.  I wish with all my heart to read some good news from both of you soon xx

A big thank you too for my Aunty Valda for explaining the term Twibling to us after watching a show about a couple who were in the same situation as us with one baby in each surrogate.  I thought it was great as I had not heard it before and decided it was the perfect name for our growing babies!!