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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

14 weeks already.

I really do not know where the time has gone - our girls are 14 weeks old already!  Emmeline & Vivian continue to grow and delight us every day.  They really are such contented babies and are full of smiles.  We have settled into a very good routine and both Ben and myself are feeling pretty relaxed and happy.  The girls are still waking for one middle of the night feed but that seems to be getting closer to 5am now so I think in another few weeks they will get through till the 7am feed.

We had a doctors visit this morning and he was really pleased how well the girls are growing.  Emmeline is now 5.45KG and Vivian has for the first time taken the title of heaviest twin weighting in at 5.55KG.  The Doctor commented (like everyone else) just how happy the girls were and was dazzled by Emmeline's smile!

We have Nannie coming to visit on the 1st June and are all looking very forward to it.  I know that Jutta will be amazed at just how much the girls have grown and will fall in love all over again as soon as she sees them :)

My Auntie Valda hosted an absolutely amazing post baby shower for us while Jutta was last here!  I have to say the day was quite overwhelming - I still cannot believe how spoilt the girls were with lots of love and mountains of presents!!  Ben could not believe it when we got home and he looked in the boot of the car - it was absolutely jam packed with presents.  Thank you so very much to all of my wonderful family for a beautiful day!!

Last week we had a wonderful visit from my brother and his family.  Out two beautiful nieces could not get enough of the girls and my sister in law wanted to take one baby home as she reasoned I was being selfish as I had two babies LOL. We are planning our first big road trip to visit them all in July.  Six hours in the car with two five month olds should be interesting.......

I know I have been a shocking slacker regarding my posting but I have been keeping a close eye on you all.  Bernadette, I was so amazed to read about the early birth of your children and have been thinking about you and sending positive vibes everyday and will continue to do so.  So glad to see Scarlett discharged and I am sure in no time at all you will have Hayden with you too xxx

Congratulations to Doug and Bill on the birth of Cristina.  I am so happy for you and wish you all the very best!

Best wishes to everyone whatever stage of the journey you are at.  It's a roller coaster that just keeps rolling but it sure makes life intersting!

Here are some pics for you all. xxx

The bounty after our baby shower - Thank you Aunty Valda and Co xx

Girls big night out on the bottle!!

Mummy and Vivian

Mummy, Vivian, Olivia, Lucy, Emmeline and Aunty Carol



Nannie & Emmeline

Lunch at the Pub

Feed me Nannie

Emmeline, happy happy happy!!

Vivian looking good!

The amazing nappy cake my cousin Amanda made - just incredible!!

Aunty Carol and Emmeline

The girls and Kenny the Cocker Spaniel

Bath and beer time - watch the baby you tow!!

Nannie and Vivien at bath time.