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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

17 Weeks today

We have had an eventful couple of weeks with a wonderful visit from Nannie .  The girls adored all the extra cuddles and love and I know they will be missing their Nannie already (as will Mummy as the help and company was fantastic) as she flew home Sunday night :(

We had a beautiful time over the long weekend at Kings Park.  We caught up with a few wonderful friends and relaxed and enjoyed the amazing winter weather and magnificent view of Perth city.
The girls had their 4 month immunisation while Jutta was here and as before had no problems.  They continue to grow and delight us every day.  They have really started to notice each other now and do a fair amount of talking and looking at each other.  They have found their hands and thumbs and Emmeline love to give hers a good suck at night!

The girls are consistently sleeping from 7ish at night till 6.30/7ish in the morning with the dream feed at 10pm.  This is wonderful for Ben and I as it means we are getting about 7 hours straight sleep each night - hooraaaay!!!  They continue to catnap during the day but my sleep expert book says this is normal and we should see them with more structured naps in a few weeks time.

We are looking forward to a visit from our Kalgoorlie clan this Friday and we are all of to a christening on Sunday.  It will be the girls first big outing with so many people and I am sure they will be very popular.

I will keep the pics coming.

Love to you all xxx

Ben Vivian and Nannie at Kings Park

Emmeline and Mummy

Vivian wearing her first hat

A little bit of help at tucker time is always great!!

Sisters xxxx

Emmeline chillin

Daddy keeping an eye on his girls!

Hello camera...

Little angel No 1 xxx

That flash is bright Mummy!!

Little angel No 2 xxx