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Sunday 13 January 2013

11 Months and time is flying!!

Here we are at the 11 month mark today.  Emmeline & Vivian are growing and developing so fast now we are continually amazed by their daily antics!

They are both crawling everywhere - Vivian does the commando crawl and Emmeline does the one legged shuffle (or wounded solider crawl) as Ben and I call it.  They have 3 teeth between them with more about to come through shortly.  They are so engaging with us and each other, crawling onto our laps, playing peekaboo with each other and their squeals of delight brighten our house everyday. 

We have had visits from Nannie & Poppy and the Kalgoorlie crew in November and we drove up to Kalgoorlie not too long ago.  The girls did really well in the car considering it's a 6 hour drive!  We are off the Victoria next month to visit Nannie & Poppy and catch up with a few friends who have yet to meet the girls so we are certainly looking forward to showing them off :)

The girls have finished off their second round of Little Ducks swimming lessons and with the warm weather we are in the pool at home quite a bit and they love it.  Emmeline especially gets excited and starts waving her arms as soon as we head towards the pool.  They have also graduated to the big bath now and think that's great fun.  Lots of splashing and exploring to be done now they can move around.

Christmas was wonderful and very relaxing.  Certainly a time to reflect back on the year and shake our heads in wonder at how much our lives have changed.  We still look at each other in amazement at how we got so lucky.

Here are some updated pics for you all xxx

Our first Christmas together was wonderful!!

Not too sure about the presents but the paper is great fun!!

Fun in the pool with Nannie, Dad & Mum

Loving Nannie & Poppy time!!

Always a big smile for Nannie.

Look how tall I am getting Poppy

Vivian in da hood..

Emmeline in da hood...

Good joke Daddy, you are such a crack up!!

Putting up the Christmas tree with the Kal cousins

Aunty Carol and Lucy helping Dad out.

Mummy and Emmeline at little athletics in Kalgoorlie

Crazy cousins are soooo much fun!!

Olivia and Emmeline keeping cool at little athletics.

Kenny the life guard keeping an eye on things.

More fun in the pool.
First swim at the beach on boxing day.

Emmeline the water baby!


  1. I've been looking of an update from you guys...! Didn't disappoint great photos thanks!

  2. The girls are just beautiful! They have gotten so big, this year has just flown by. Mackenzie would definitely would have hair envy!! We will have to organise a play date soon xx

  3. Such wonderful little miracles. Thank you for a longed-for update!

  4. Great to see your update, the girls are just gorgeous. If you have time (we understand if you don't) while in Melb give us a buzz would love to see you both again and meet the girls.

  5. Lovely pictures!!
    They are such pretty little ladies x

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