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Monday, 7 November 2011

Babies turning 21 (weeks that is).

How time files!  It has been ages since my last post I know.  My excuse is we have been very busy with work and holidaying.  The car yard is going really well and we are both loving the work.  It sure is satisfying to build up a business and see that the hard work is paying off.  Well done to my wonderful husband Ben who works so hard and never ceases to amaze me with his positive outlook - Love you babe!!

On the holiday side we had a great 2 week break and flew into Sydney and then drove down the coast to Batemans Bay then through Cooma and Thredbo into Albury to spend 3 days with Ben's Mum and Dad.  We had a blast with them and did lots of eating and drinking and a bit of paddling on the Murray River too!  Then it was off to Melbourne where we caught up with Lucylu and her family.  We had a bloody great afternoon and managed to down 2 bottles of Champagne with our BBQ lunch.  It was wonderful to meet face to face and hope that we can return the favour if they visit Perth.

We then checked into our hotel in Melbourne and began the waiting game to see if our good friends from Perth could get a flight during the Qantas meltdown to join us for the Melb Cup.  Thank goodness they made it and we had a great day.  Unfortunately we did not win much money (in fact we spent more that we won) but we sure had great fun doing it!! Photo from left to right is me, Ben, Di and Andrew.

The Twiblings are growing well and we are at the end of week 20.  One of our surrogates Mrs N, was in hospital while we were away with a fever for a few days but has now been discharged so we hope she is feeling much better.  We received our first 3D photo of Baby S last Friday but Ben is not too happy about it as he thinks the baby looks a bit "melted".  I told him it's normal but I dont think he is convinced :)  Once we recieve our photo of Baby N, I will post it up.

While I was away I was not able to comment on any of your blogs because for some reason my Iphone will not let me.  I tried about 5 times and then gave up.  I have been following everybody's progress and a BIG congratulations to everyone who received good news - Its always such a pleasure to read!!

What a great suprise to see Sam and Phil and their absolutely gorgeous girls on TV for their interview on Sunrise!!  I was so happy to see such a positive story regarding surrogacy and believe the boys have certainly promoted the cause for getting the surrogacy message out there!!

We have Ben's Mum coming to vistit us in December and we are planning on getting the Nursery organised while she is here.  I am really looking forward to this and will certainly appreciate her help.  Ben and I started writing our list on Sunday night and boy it sure seems long when you think we will need double of lots of stuff (not that I am complaining!!).

I am getting so excited now when I think of bringing our babies home and know the time will fly with Christmas and New Year just around the corner.  We have been looking for someone to replace me at work and once we find that person I will need to get them trained up.  March will be here before we know it and then babies here we come!

To everyone who is on this surrogacy journey I wish you the best of luck and I would like to say a big thank you to all my family and friends who have supported myself and Ben and also eagerly await the arrival of our Twiblings xxx


  1. Yay for 21 weeks, it's such a great feeling passing these milestones. Tell Ben not worry about the 3D scans looking weird, our baby looked like an alien baby with the first one but thankfully now looks like a human baby.

  2. 21 WEEKS...that's wondeful! Congratulations and happy holidaying...looks like a blast!

  3. Who hooooooooooo! Time is going to start a-flyin'! Glad you got in a littlel relaxation before the craziness begins!

  4. Congrats on week 21 guys, I've been following your blog with excitement. My cousin and her husband (from Tasmania) are currently 23 weeks pregnant with twins using a wonderful surrogate in India also! Goodluck and I look forward to following your journey! Jemma

  5. Congrats! You will be in India picking up the babies before you know it! Please show your husband my husbands blog post regarding the 20 wk 3d scan...he was convinced our little Brady had horns!

  6. Congratulations on 21 weeks. Sounds like you had a wonderful, well deserved break with your family and friends. You sound so happy and content. We may get to meet up in Delhi as we shall be there from approx 7th April for baby pick up.


  7. You're over halfway there! It's great to hear that the business is doing so well! Best wishes!