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Thursday, 23 February 2012

A little update

Firstly I would like to thank all of you for your beautiful, moving and funny sentiments on the birth of Emmeline and Vivian.  It's so lovely to hear such wonderful thoughts and makes us feel a lot closer to you all considering we are halfway around the world from home.

The girls are doing really well.  Emmeline is eating like a trooper and both are sleeping well.  Vivian had some tummy pain yesterday and last night but the Colicaid drops seems to have helped that a great deal today and she seems much better.  Ben is very impressed with the girls "monster poos" as he calls them and is very adept at changing them now after realising that the nappy is much better positioned over the bum cheek to catch the before mentioned "monster poos"!!

We took the girls to the paediatrician on Tuesday to get Emmeline's legs checked as she seemed to have some pain when straightening them.  Dr said it was normal for her age and to massage them each day at nappy change and sure enough he was they are getting better each day. Thanks Tammy for asking Gwen for the advice and Gwen was spot on :)  The doctor weighed them both and was happy with their progress so we will take them back next Tuesday for another weigh in.
The nurses organised through the clinic have been a Godsend and has made the experience much less stressful. We are especially grateful today as Ben and I are both sick with Delhi belly but Dr Shivani had got us on some medication and we hope we will be feeling better tomorrow.  We have spent most of the day in bed (when not in the bathroom).

We were discussing the pros and cons of being here and one of the cons was having to hand wash the girls clothes and blankets and then try to dry them with the small room heater.  We very quickly decided that having a nurse each night so we can sleep far outweighs the hour of so spent on organising laundry!! 

We continue to fall more in love with the girls each day and are finding it hard to stop starting at their perfect little faces.  The little sounds they make and their funny little faces they pull are so sweet.

Here are some new pics xx

PS - thanks Doug and Bill for the hot Mama and Daddy comment and yes I am now swaddling like a pro!!

Emmeline drunk on milk.

With Dr Shivani and our angels

Burp time

Snug bugs!

Emmeline sleeping beauty No1

Vivian sleeping beauty No 2

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Our family all together!

We got to pick up our daughters yesterday and now we are all together at last!  The car ride back to the hotel was nice and uneventful as they both slept all the way.  We got back and gave them a bottle each and had lots of cuddle time before the night nurse arrived.

It was very overwhealming for me and I was pretty sooky for a bit but my wonderful husband was there as always to make everything OK again.  I guess I just felt unprepared for looking after two little people who rely on us totally.  Strange as I thought I was fully prepared but thats life, always throwing the curve ball!!  Today is a new day and I fell amazing and ready for anything (having a nurse on hand may have something to do with that feeling) :)

The girls look great and are feeding well and doing lots and lots of sleeping.  They are so tiny and look even smaller swaddled in their pink bunny rugs in the cot.

Wierd fact - Ben can swaddle like an old Indian woman!!  He is amazing and nailed it the first time _
WTF??  My first, second and even third attempt looked like I just screwed up the balanket and threw it at the girls.... 
Here are a couple more pics for you xxx

Dad and Vivian

First family photo!!

Daddy's perfect swaddle!!

Feeding Emmeline her 1st bottle

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tomorrow is the day (we hope)

We went to visit our girls today and were very happy to see them both moving, stretching and yawning.  We also got to hear Vivian's first little cry!  They are suffering from mild jaundice so are being kept in overnight just to be sure they are OK.  We were told today that they should be able to come home with us tomorrow - Yay!!

We have organised a nurse to come and help us tomorrow night and are thinking we may do this for the next few days.

We have filled out lots of paperwork tonight so we can spend tomorrow cuddling our daughters.  As Ben keeps saying they are just "mesmerising".

Daddy and the mesmerising Vivian

Darling Emmeline

Friday, 17 February 2012

Welcome to the world!

Welcome to the world (written Friday 17th - yes we are catching up now :))

Emmeline Jackie Webb - Born 14 Feb 2012 at 1.02pm 2250g
Our Beautiful Emmeline

Vivian Jutta Webb - Born 14 Feb 2012 at 2.38pm 2270g
Our Beautiful vivian

We at long last got to meet our beautiful girls at 12pm today. They are both in the Neonatal Clinic and doing very well (they were the biggest babies in there). The specialist said we can take the home either tomorrow or the next day. Typical India with the crossed wires of taking them home today but we both agree we are happy they are spending another day or two in the clinic. We are sad that we are parted for a bit longer but agree that we will trust in the Doctors decision.

Our girls are so cute!! I know everyone says that but they really are!! Emmeline looks very healthy and has quiet a bit of meat on her bones for such a tiny girl. She looks a little fairer that her little sister and does not have as much hair though it looks much darker than in the first photo.

Vivian looks smaller than her big sister with less meat on her bones (strange as they weigh about the same). She has a full head of black hair that looks so cute and reminds us of her cousin Lucy.

We both got our fingers grasped by both girls and I had to keep leaning away from the crib so my tears of happiness did not drown them! It was very emotional for me but I was not too upset to leave as we will be back with them tomorrow morning. Love to all of you, Suzie xxx

Bens thoughts..
What a week ! it all seems surreal ...... getting on plane to go pick up the kids! Life is going well but that saying still seems unreal!
Surprise Surprise ! middle names are after both Grandmothers! Or in Jutta's case Nannie! (Sorry Mum to make you cry & Jackie from what I understand I think you would be in the same predicament !)
I still can't believe they are here & how small they are but I guess that's how we all started, even so its still a mesmerizing thing!


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Our Babies are Here!!!

Here I am sitting in the Qantas Club Lounge waiting to board our flight that will take us into Delhi just before midnight tonight.

We got the BIG phone call at lunchtime on Valentines Day that our surrogate who was in hospital had gone into labour.  Dr Shivani asked us if we wanted our babies born on the same day as she had reviewed the situation and was happy for Baby No 2 to enter the world with Baby No1.

We have 2 Beautiful little GIRLS!!!

The emotions have been amazing -
Relief that our babies are all OK.
Joy that we are now finally parents!
Sadness that we are were not in Delhi sooner for cuddles and kisses!
Anxiety  - have we got everything we need to parent 2 little girls??????

Our girls were born at 35 weeks and both weigh 5 pounds.  They both look big and healthy in the photos but I am sure they must be tiny.  We got the email yesterday to say that our girls are ready to be discharged from hospital when we arrive. That means on Friday morning we will be taking our babies back to Svelte with us!!!

We have 2 names that we love but are waiting to meet our girls before we make a final decision.  How did this happen?  How did we get so bloody lucky? Well better go as the tears of happiness are starting again.

I will keep you all posted and hope to post some photos once we get organised.  I hope everyone is well and I apologise for not bogging sooner but the last couple of days have been a whirlwind!

Love to you all xx