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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tomorrow is the day (we hope)

We went to visit our girls today and were very happy to see them both moving, stretching and yawning.  We also got to hear Vivian's first little cry!  They are suffering from mild jaundice so are being kept in overnight just to be sure they are OK.  We were told today that they should be able to come home with us tomorrow - Yay!!

We have organised a nurse to come and help us tomorrow night and are thinking we may do this for the next few days.

We have filled out lots of paperwork tonight so we can spend tomorrow cuddling our daughters.  As Ben keeps saying they are just "mesmerising".

Daddy and the mesmerising Vivian

Darling Emmeline


  1. Oh Wow!! Congratulations. They are Beautiful!! Please let us know if you need anything while you are in Delhi!

  2. Congratulations!!!! I am in floods reading your last few posts!!!! They are just beautiful little girls!!!!Best wishes!!! K xxx

  3. Yay! What wonderful news! Best wishes!

  4. keep the photos coming they are lovely!!

  5. They look tiny and it brings back memories seeing them in what looks like DNC. Hoping they come home tomorrow.

  6. They are truely beautiful little miracles!! Huge congrats!

  7. Congratulations on the safe arrival of Vivian and Emmeline. How beautiful are they!!! So happy for you Suzie and Ben! I can see from reading your blog you twin girls are going to be showered with so much love and affection. A safe and speedy hassle free paperwork and trip back home to Australia

  8. Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful baby girls, Vivian and Emmeline. After 21 attempts at IVF and being in our forties my husband and & I are going to go to India in a few months to do surrogacy.

  9. Congratulations!!

    Your little girls are gorgeous ( we love girls! )
    Enjoy this amazing time together.

    SJ & B xx

    1. My husband and I also now that feeling of IVF we did it for 8 years and never worked. I wish I had of known about this maybe we could have been lucky and had a child too. I'm so happy for u and your new family and wish u all the best .