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Thursday, 23 February 2012

A little update

Firstly I would like to thank all of you for your beautiful, moving and funny sentiments on the birth of Emmeline and Vivian.  It's so lovely to hear such wonderful thoughts and makes us feel a lot closer to you all considering we are halfway around the world from home.

The girls are doing really well.  Emmeline is eating like a trooper and both are sleeping well.  Vivian had some tummy pain yesterday and last night but the Colicaid drops seems to have helped that a great deal today and she seems much better.  Ben is very impressed with the girls "monster poos" as he calls them and is very adept at changing them now after realising that the nappy is much better positioned over the bum cheek to catch the before mentioned "monster poos"!!

We took the girls to the paediatrician on Tuesday to get Emmeline's legs checked as she seemed to have some pain when straightening them.  Dr said it was normal for her age and to massage them each day at nappy change and sure enough he was they are getting better each day. Thanks Tammy for asking Gwen for the advice and Gwen was spot on :)  The doctor weighed them both and was happy with their progress so we will take them back next Tuesday for another weigh in.
The nurses organised through the clinic have been a Godsend and has made the experience much less stressful. We are especially grateful today as Ben and I are both sick with Delhi belly but Dr Shivani had got us on some medication and we hope we will be feeling better tomorrow.  We have spent most of the day in bed (when not in the bathroom).

We were discussing the pros and cons of being here and one of the cons was having to hand wash the girls clothes and blankets and then try to dry them with the small room heater.  We very quickly decided that having a nurse each night so we can sleep far outweighs the hour of so spent on organising laundry!! 

We continue to fall more in love with the girls each day and are finding it hard to stop starting at their perfect little faces.  The little sounds they make and their funny little faces they pull are so sweet.

Here are some new pics xx

PS - thanks Doug and Bill for the hot Mama and Daddy comment and yes I am now swaddling like a pro!!

Emmeline drunk on milk.

With Dr Shivani and our angels

Burp time

Snug bugs!

Emmeline sleeping beauty No1

Vivian sleeping beauty No 2


  1. Sharon and Michael23 February 2012 at 05:28

    You guys look really relaxed and comfortable, cannot wait to catch up and have a cuddle, take care of yourselves. They are just gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Wish you a quick recovery from you Delhi bellies. Remember to drink plenty!

  3. Delhi Belly sucks, glad u got the meds though, they help pretty quickly! Love the pics. Glad everything is going well. Bet you can't wait to go home though!

  4. Ah poor you i hope you both feel better very soon...Pictures are wonderful!!

  5. Can't wiat for cuddles!!!!! Doesn't look like you guys have wiped that smile you face the whole time! good to see

  6. Your little ladies are so, so cute!!
    Oh yes, I remember all that handwashing..
    Thanks so much for showing the girls the photos of Amy & Lara, being a nurse myself its always nice to hear how your "patients" are getting on afterwards :)

    SJ & Bxx

  7. Hi Suzie and Ben oooohhhhhh your girls are absolutely adorable and so perfect bless them. Sounds like you are all under control apart from Delhi belly which is not good, what with Monster Poo's too!
    We all send our love, hugs and sweet kisses to you all and can't wait until we can meet Emmeline and Vivian once they have settled into their amazing new home and life in Australia with such adorable parents, lucky girls!
    LOL Aunty Lisa xxxx

  8. Your girls are gorgeous!! I cannot wait to follow along as they grow! Handwashing in Delhi is fun! We looked into a laundry service but it ended up costing us westerners about $1.00 a piece, and for the locals it was $0.10 a piece, so we kept handwashing!

  9. Hey Webb family!!

    So we are thinking about you everyday and about the same amount talking of you! Our discussions of late are filled with your pretty Aussie/Indian princesses and their wonderful parents!

    Kees and Emma and Charlotte are so pleased to learn of the arrival of petite Viv and petite Em Em! Congratulations and love from them! In addition Maud and family are just as excited and over the moon that you finally had your prayers for these bubbies answered!

    We are impressed with the regular updates, I am sure after Sunny was born I didn't touch a computer for a month! It is so wonderful hearing how this adventure of your lives is unfolding! Ben, your a natural wonder father, swaddling is not an easy thing! not that we are suprised at all Ben!

    You all look so well and you can see the family resemblance already! Ben there is some definate features that are so you and you my beautiful friend Susie smoosie, your twin girls have your inner and outer natural beauty!

    We love you millions and chat again soon!
    Katie, Romain, Sunny and our second little french fry.

  10. The girls are gorgeous! Where are you staying?

  11. You're doing a great job and the girls are beautiful!!! Hang in there and utilize that night nurse as much as possible to make the stay less stressful. Harris and I are so thrilled for you! Best wishes!