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Monday, 19 March 2012

So good to be home!

Sorry for the long delay in posting an update!!  We pretty much hit the ground running when we got home and life has changed big time as you can imagine! 

We are so happy to be home with our girls and life is settling into a nice routine.  The girls are feeding, eating and sleeping well.  They don't cry much - only if they are hungry or have some wind.  Emmeline is our little efficient machine.  She just eats, burps has some awake time and then sleeps.  Vivian is still having some problems with tummy pain but mainly grunts and groans her way through.  They have both settled into their own cots in their nursery and everyone who has visited is amazed at how contented they are.

Ben and I are coping quite well (after the very long trip home and no sleep for about 35 hours straight and wondering what the hell we had gotten ourselves into).  We have our feeding schedule down pat now and do a feed together at 7pm, then Ben does a 10ish feed and I get up to do the 2ish feed then he is up at 6ish.  From there Ben is off to work and I stay home with our gorgeous girls.  Our first week was pretty rough as I found it very difficult to sleep but that is now sorted and I get up each morning with butterflies of excitement waiting to see the girls. It's amazing how everyone says that life is so different and it's so true.  I simply cannot imagine life without our girls now and I really am enjoying motherhood so much.  It really is different with your own children as even a big burp after a bottle makes me happy now!

We have been to the Doctor and seen the clinic Nurse and both are happy with the girls progress. They are both putting on weight and should by now be over 3.5kg. I have been advised to get some probiotics for the girls and will start them on that tomorrow which should especially help Vivian.

I spoke to a very lovely lady who also went through SCI and has two girls aged 7 weeks who lives in Perth so we are setting up a date to meet in the next couple of weeks.  I am really looking forward to that as it will be so nice to meet another mother who wont ask me a million questions of how the surrogacy process works.  To be honest I am getting a bit sick of talking about it and just want to move forward and just be a Mum.

Ben, myself, Nannie. Poppie, Emmeline and Vivian walked up to our local golf course for an early dinner last night and had a wonderful time with some friends.  The girls slept the whole time and as usual drew plenty of looks in their twin pram.  I had two women come up for a look and ask how old they were and when I said nearly five weeks they could looked at me and said "wow and you look so good" so I just smiled and thanked them LOL!!

Our time in India went pretty fast once we had the girls back at the hotel with us.  We had a night nanny each night and did our own thing during the day.  We didn't get out much - only to do the dreaded paperwork.  Our DNA results took a week to get back.  They got sent on a Wednesday and the High Commission only received the results the following Wednesday and we had our flight booked for Friday so we did not think we would get everything done in time.  Thanks to a speedy Citizenship process and our wonderful helpful man at the Passport office who got the girls passports done in about 19 hours we picked them up Thursday morning and went straight down to the FRRO.  What a truly undelightful place that was.  In any event we managed to get the exit visas and made our flight on Friday at lunchtime.

The Svelte was great (apart from the shopping centre renovations at night) and the staff were really lovely and helpful and thought the girls were adorable.  I would highly recommend Svelte as it really does have everything you need and having the shopping centre attached is a huge bonus.

I hope all of you in blog land are well and now that I have my new laptop (purchased Saturday) I am again connected to the world and am looking forward finding our how all of you are getting on.

Thank you to everyone for all of the beautiful presents the girls have received.  Their wardrobe is now full of lovely outfits, toys, books and teddy's that are very much appreciated!!

Now for what you have all been waiting for - here are some updated photos for you.

Little Vivian

Emmeline and Vivian in Emmeline's cot.

Emmeline at morning tea.

Emmeline and Vivian all dressed up!
Poppie, Nannie and Dad.

A very proud Dad with his girls.

Morning tea with the girls.


  1. Welcome home. I missed some of the activity in between but I'm caught up. Your two girls are adorable! Glad you're getting some sleep, that's one of my biggest concerns. No sleep = grumpy Doug. We'll see though...I'm sure my love for our daughter will conquer any sleep deprivation!

  2. Hi ya glad you guys are enjoying parenthood, to be honest I thought the first 6 weeks were a nightmare when I had Josh! Love Love Love the little outfits, Suzie I can just see you dressing them up in different outfits all day! LOL! Ben I can just imagine you are an awesome Dad and must miss your girls when your at work! Keep the pics rolling and give the girls a kiss from me xx

  3. So beautiful to see such love filled, happy faces, the feelings just emanate gently through the screen.

  4. It is so wonderful to hear that you are home with the girls! You and Ben seem to be coping pretty well. I love the photos and Congratulations once again

  5. So glad that you all made it home safe and sound. Enjoy your beautiful girls! Drop me an email when you guys are ready for visitors xx

  6. Must be wonderful to be home with your beautiful girls and loving family - enjoy this wonderful time.

  7. Jess & Cèd20 March 2012 at 05:17

    What good news to know you home with your lovely filles.Elles have grown a lot, they are always so beautiful! Our children were born right after yours. On February 20. We are still in India, we believe we can get passports next week, the process for the visa is it always the same? Have you been to the MHA before going to FRRO? Poonam you hired? Best regards

  8. What beautiful girls!
    I love their outfits, dressing twin girls is always fun :)
    SJ & B xx

  9. Enhorabuena por los bebes tan bonitos que tenéis, mi marido y yo estamos iniciando el proceso en SCI. Espero seguir leyendo vuestro blogg ya que aclara muchas dudas. Un saludo. Rebeca