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Friday, 17 February 2012

Welcome to the world!

Welcome to the world (written Friday 17th - yes we are catching up now :))

Emmeline Jackie Webb - Born 14 Feb 2012 at 1.02pm 2250g
Our Beautiful Emmeline

Vivian Jutta Webb - Born 14 Feb 2012 at 2.38pm 2270g
Our Beautiful vivian

We at long last got to meet our beautiful girls at 12pm today. They are both in the Neonatal Clinic and doing very well (they were the biggest babies in there). The specialist said we can take the home either tomorrow or the next day. Typical India with the crossed wires of taking them home today but we both agree we are happy they are spending another day or two in the clinic. We are sad that we are parted for a bit longer but agree that we will trust in the Doctors decision.

Our girls are so cute!! I know everyone says that but they really are!! Emmeline looks very healthy and has quiet a bit of meat on her bones for such a tiny girl. She looks a little fairer that her little sister and does not have as much hair though it looks much darker than in the first photo.

Vivian looks smaller than her big sister with less meat on her bones (strange as they weigh about the same). She has a full head of black hair that looks so cute and reminds us of her cousin Lucy.

We both got our fingers grasped by both girls and I had to keep leaning away from the crib so my tears of happiness did not drown them! It was very emotional for me but I was not too upset to leave as we will be back with them tomorrow morning. Love to all of you, Suzie xxx

Bens thoughts..
What a week ! it all seems surreal ...... getting on plane to go pick up the kids! Life is going well but that saying still seems unreal!
Surprise Surprise ! middle names are after both Grandmothers! Or in Jutta's case Nannie! (Sorry Mum to make you cry & Jackie from what I understand I think you would be in the same predicament !)
I still can't believe they are here & how small they are but I guess that's how we all started, even so its still a mesmerizing thing!



  1. Wow ! Congratulations to you both, they really are so cute and they both look so content in those photos. What an amazing journey.

  2. 100% cute! 100% smile-makers! Heartiest congratulations :)

  3. Michael and Sharon17 February 2012 at 21:54

    Congratulations on the birth of your two daughters, I know that you must be very happy and proud, the names you have chosen are beautiful and they are both suited to them. When you are home and settled would love to come and visit. Take care and enjoy your new lives with your girls. Love your cousin Michael and Sharon

  4. They are just beautiful. Love their names.

  5. Truly beautiful girls and we love their names! Congrats!!!

  6. They are just gorgeous!! Enjoy every minute, love their names too xx

  7. so happy for you guys and smiling. such cuties.

  8. Beautiful girls, incredible hair. They are so cute, so happy for you guys.

  9. what beautiful little girls...
    Just wonderful,
    best wishes

  10. That's beautiful! Congrats on the girls' healthy arrival! Best wishes!