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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Babies due "this" year

We can finally say our babies are due this year instead of next year.  For all of you just starting a surrogacy journey or if you are trying again I can tell you in complete honesty that the time really does fly!  Ben and I cannot believe just how quickly time has passed since we decided to go ahead with surrogacy in Delhi.  So many of our friends are getting really excited for us which is really wonderful.  I had one girlfriend in tears on Monday when I showed her our nursery.  Even though most of our friends have never struggled with fertility they all have a rough idea of what Ben and I have gone through over the last 8 years and are amazingly supportive.  They know just how much we are looking forward to finally becoming parents and like us cannot wait to meet our babies.

We are now in week 30 and our scans were all within normal range so we are very thankful it has been smooth sailing so far and have everything crossed that it will continue this way.  We were slightly concerned that one of our babies looks like an upside-down octopus wearing sunglasses but if Dr Shivani says it's normal who are we to argue? (photo was to be inserted here but for some reason it wont let me - will try tomorrow)

We had a very relaxing Christmas and New Year - I think we were soaking up the quiet time before our life changes in March. Christmas was spent with good friends on the beach and on NYE we stayed home and cooked a beautiful dinner, drank a bottle of champagne and danced to our favourite tunes (just the two of us) and it was fantastic!

I think I am pretty organised as far as baby gear goes.  I will be buying bottles etc this week and will pick up the pram and the car seat (to go in my brand new car!) at the end of the month.  I am sure to start getting a little more anxious as the time draws closer but for now I am not feeling to worried.  Mind you I did have a terrible dream last night were I was trapped in my new car with my new babies in the heat and couldn't find anything to smash the window open with  - thankfully I woke up at that point and realised it was just a dream.  I remember all the strange dreams I had about my wedding before it happened so I am sure there will be more strange baby anxiety dreams to come!

I have really been enjoying all the baby photos you new, (and not so new) parents have been posting and am very impressed you all find the time to do it! I will endeavour to follow in your impressive footsteps xx


  1. Yes, it seems like everything is going downhill at a very fast pace since we hit the 20 week mark,...know the feeling! We are no where near the nursery being started or being registered for anything baby-wise. Getting a little anxious about that. Congrats on being so prepared!

  2. You all are getting so close! 30 weeks was when the excitement really REALLY started to hit home for us (it's unreal how things feel like they can't get any more exciting, and then they do!!)

  3. Congrats on making it to the much coveted 30 week mark! Time will race from here on out! I am looking forward to pics of your sweet babies.

  4. Wow - 30 weeks - it will be downhill racing now to the big day!!! Loved your octopus comment - hope to get to see pic!!!LOL!!

  5. So close now, so excited for you. We are not too far behind. Expecting 24 week scan tomorrow.